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Let's get excited about nothing!

It's part of the tradition around here to pore over the new rosters when they come out, but the rosters have been so devoid of new information lately that I didn't even bother until today, when we're starved for content and Brian used up all the football bits between open practice and UV. The new rosters don't have any updated weights (or heights) so we can't even obsess over who's a faster/more agile version of himself versus who packed on a bunch of muscle without losing any of that speed or agility (there is no other kind of weight change).

What we're left with: Who's here, who's not here, and what numbers are they wearing. I mean it's this or you can hear Jay Harbaugh talk about the running backs he doesn't have. Right.

Early Enrollee Numbers

QB Cade McNamara: #12. This number has been cursed ever since people starting buying it thinking it was Tom Brady's number in college (he wore #10). Brandon Williams and I are going to turn 40 this year, and he's the last guy to don #12 as a freshman and wear it at Michigan until his eligibility ran out. Josh Ross is working on it. Matt Gutierrez transferred after Henne Pipp'd him. David the Notorious C.O.N.E. left early. JT Floyd switched to 8. Roy Roundtree switched to 21. Devin Gardner was already disqualified for wearing 7 but still took 98. Allen Gant grad transferred. Alex Malzone didn't happen. It even clipped Chris friggin' Evans! Verdict: What are you doing Cade? Do you even read MGoBlog?

RB Zach Charbonnet: #24. The Butch Woolfolk number. Gil Chapman, Mad Magicians quarterback (and OSU transfer) Howard Yerges, and MGoBlog-aware person Jerome Jackson also wore it. Verdict: Make it yours!

Slot Mike Sainristil: #19. Of the few slots to remind us of, Kelvin Grady was both the most underrated, and the least likely. Obviously Ron Bellamy is the first and only receiver to come to mind—it's more of a kicker digit here. But I like it for Sweetness—figures an exciting slot bug from the Boston area would be the guy pulling Dark Tower references. Verdict: Sweetness.

TE Erick All: #83. We just sent Gentry to the NFL. Bennie Joppru is the other TE modern Michigan fans might associate with it, but for a long time in the middle 20th century this was THE number for Michigan ends, the way Louis was the name for French kings, or how a Pope who ascends to the holy see right before a massive plague wipes out a significant portion of Europe always takes the name Urban. Verdict: Probably not a '50s reference, so he'd better be Ent-like.

DT Mazi Smith: #58. We've already got a #58 DT in Paea so somebody is changing numbers if they haven't already. The precedent here is tiny 1970s middle guard Jim Humphries of the late 1970s, and tiny nose tackle of the late '90s Rob Renes, who like Mazi is from Western Michigan and probably the inspiration. Verdict: Renes reference; good sign.

DE David Ojabo: #71. The only starting DE (well, DT but that was a DE back then) I can name who wore #71 was John Hennessee of the middle 1970s. Usually it's the guys opposite an Ojabo wearing #71. I like it. I like it when guys take walk-on-ish numbers and become The Guy you think of for that number at that position. Often, however, they're just doing so while waiting for the low number they wanted. Verdict: Hope Ojabo keeps 71 because from the open practice he looks like an early contributor and a possible long-term anchor.

DE Gabe Newburg: #99. The contrast with Ojabo is almost as sharp as that in this photo of them that ufabet bet,เว็บพนันบอล ต่างประเทศI got off Rivals:


Newburg chose the number that your videogame will automatically assign to whatever freshman DE you brought in. It's the most? "Oh, okay, you're a DE we want to bulk up to a DT" number. Matt Godin. Adam Patterson. Jake Frysinger. Damon Denson before his move to OL. Back in Bo's day it was the number for DEs who got called "OLB" on the roster because that sounds cooler: Dominic Tedesco, Carlos Bostic, Bob Thompson, Randy Stark. Pierre Woods was a throwback to that. Verdict: Generic Defensive End Number 1, the Penn State of number choices.

CB Jalen Perry: #3. He's nowhere as tall as Marlin Jackson so I'm going to choose to believe this is a reference to Todd Howard. But if it's not Todd, he could be referencing Marion "The Body" Body. Tripp Welborne and Shonte Peoples aren't bad references if you're expanding to free safety. I'm just glad this didn't go to a Viper, because #3 was popular with the Rich Rod-era spurs. Verdict: Probably just wanted the low number.

[After THE JUMP: new positions for fullbacks and walk-ons, other number changes, departures, more walk-ons]

currently being courted by powerpoint [Marc-Gregor Campredon]

Charity Bowl! Folks, a new challenger appears.

You know it is your destiny.

If Michigan wins and they go over 100k, Spencer has to mail me a toe! Probably. I haven't cleared this with him yet but he ate cheese so this is nothing. REMOVE SPENCER'S TOE, DONATE.

For the record this was not me. I am a happily married man.

In fact I have never tried to get a date with a powerpoint, largely because I didn't think of it.

Onwenu, placid. Mike Onwenu on the vast changes Josh Gattis is bringing to Michigan's offense:

For the offensive line, meanwhile, things haven’t been much different — at least not according to senior guard Michael Onwenu, who maintained that his role was still, “Blocking the, whatever pass or play, or whatever.”

But he, too, recognizes that things are different with the Wolverines now, and he, too, has embraced it.

“It’s cool and whatnot,” Onwenu said. “Change is inevitable, so you’re comfortable with anything.”

It takes a lot to move Onwenu. Eh? Eh? Get it?

[After THE JUMP: more NBA draft stuff, Cesar Ruiz stiffarm]

[Isaiah Hole/WolverinesWire]

Can you share your early impressions of the new look offense and the process of calling plays and whatnot?

“Yeah, loving it. It’s been really fun. It’s been different. Little bit of an adjustment for the kids but they’ve adjusted really well and they’ve done a really good job of grabbing conceptually what we’re doing and how the?tempo and everything and how it’s?changed. The kids have been good; I’ve been great. I’ve been in this process before of changing offenses so I’ve been familiar with going from a more Pro[-style], under center to little bit more of a tempo spread attack, so it’s been really good for us.”

Does it help at all that it’s like last year where you came in and it’s all new with having to change offenses but having the knowledge of your personnel?

“Yeah, it helps a lot. It’s all about your personnel and what you can do with the guys you have so it’s been really helpful that I know the guys, from a physical standpoint what they can do on the field and then from a personal standpoint getting to know them a little more. Since I’ve been here a year it’s helped and kind of helped the adjustment with Josh [Gattis] coming in, so it’s been really good.”

Where have you been before that you’ve been through similar changes in the offense?

“When I was at Central?we went from a Pro offense to a true spread offense, so that was—so I’ve been through the adjustments and the kinks of having to coach this position and having to go from you’re always doing one thing to switching it up and doing different things. That was where we did it most.”

And how did the transition go?

“It went well, especially with the personnel we had. I had a really good tight end there so it helped that he liked to play in a two-point, three-point, off the ball, on the ball, so it went really good for us there.”

How would you describe Josh’s persona or presence on the field and in staff meetings?

“Yeah, on the field he’s intense. I love it. He’s intense, he’s focused, he’s detailed, he wants to get the most out of guys he can and really kind of fits along with the coaching style I have and the philosophy I have so really loving it.

“In the meeting rooms he’s been awesome. He didn’t really just come in and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to do this like this.’ ‘This is not my offense,’ he said. ‘This is our offense.’ And that’s been a huge piece for us as a?staff. Very collaborative. Everybody’s working really well together. It’s been fun to be around.”

[After THE JUMP: player updates, including the freshman willing to stick his face in a fan]

sometimes I?think amateurism should be abolished, and sometimes I think professionalism should be abolished?

in which the criminally underrated 2001 Coen Brothers movie "The Man Who Wasn't There" is referenced?

We're going to have to throw out a parental advisory?because there's no way to quote Jim Conley without F-bombing U.S. 23 from one end to the other.

in which Items are Gleaned from an unpadded practice?

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